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Cameron Bay HIV is Cause For Reflection, But Not Deeper Regulation of Porn Industry

by Christopher Blakeley, from

Every State Is Having Problems With Obamacare, and Here’s the Map to Prove It

by Christopher Blakeley, from

Marijuana Legalization: The Next Mayor of New York Should Make This A Priority

by Christopher Blakeley, from

Why Glenn Beck’s Argument for Marriage Equality is the Best One Yet 

by Christopher Blakeley, from

Here’s a 14 Year Old Girl’s Analysis of Animal Farm Everyone Should Read

by Christopher Blakeley, from

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Thanks For Being NYCs Nanny-in-Chief, Now Good Riddance

by Christopher Blakeley, from

New Sports Post: How Bad Will It Be? The 2013 Jets Season Preview

by Tom O'Boyle 

    We’ve seen the Power Rankings, settled the quarterback controversy (for now), and moved on from the Fireman Ed era. The question now becomes, exactly how much of a trainwreck will 2013 be for the Jets?

New Politics Post: This Tiny Island Just Became A Police State

by Christopher Blakeley

    New Zealand passed a law last Thursday enabling broader surveillance of its citizens, expandingthe previous focus on foreign targets to encompass domestic “terrorism and organized crime” as well. While the law predates the Snowden revelations, what it shows us is equally as startling. The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), who like the NSA doesn’t care if it abuses its power, will join the ranks of other agencies that violate the stated values in their countries' constitutions and legal documents. The United States has historically been a driving force for political freedom, but in the past decades, it has helped create a framework for a modern police state that strikes at the core of people’s cultural fears. Citizens all over the world should reject the notions that these policies are necessary, and realize that they are simply incremental steps towards an expanding Orwellian existence. 

New Politics Post: Young and Uninsured? Obamacare Won't Help You, and Here's Why  

by Christopher Blakeley

Obamacare meme uninsured

    A recent memo by the Congressional Research Service highlighted how Obamacare has missed over half of its implementation deadlines. The haphazard nature of its implementation is not the only reason to be concerned. It is priced too high, and its mandates are too expensive for the uninsured. Even with subsidies, the impending law won’t accomplish its goal of lowering costs and helping the uninsured get better care. There are empirically proven ways we can drive costs down and provide better care, but it requires moving from the inflationary fee-for-service model we currently have to an alternative distribution system. When it all adds up, this is a solution that Obamacare cannot provide, no matter how many delays and subsidies get sutured onto its limping husk. 

New Politics Post: The Simple Statistics That Prove Obama's War on Drugs Remains Racist 

by Christopher Blakeley

Obama Drug War Racist Meme

    CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta came out in favor of medical marijuana recently. While the science that Gupta claims to have originally missed has been around for years, it’s nice to see someone whose career is grounded in facts to come to this conclusion. President Obama could learn something from Dr. Gupta; it should be easy since he has already shown a penchant for "evolving" when public opinion gets in the way of his previously stated positions. The president would do both himself and America a service by continuing to evolve on federal drug policy towards state’s rights to regulate narcotics and reclassification of drugs on the federal level. This move towards a more moral and rational policy will help us end an economic burden that unfairly affects minorities and destroys their families for generations.

New Politics Post: Inside America's Second Guantanamo: Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan's "Black Jail" 

by Christopher Blakeley

    The prison in Guantanamo Bay has been a symbol of the War on Terror, a perverse enactment of justice upon those who attacked us on 9/11. Though the legal justification for the Bush-era institution is convoluted, it’s not the only evolving relic of our overseas interventions in the Middle East.

    Take Bagram Airfield, which currently houses over 65 Afghan prisoners who have been affiliated with Al-Qaeda, yet not formally charged with anything. With American troops leaving in 2014, their fate is uncertain. 

New Politics Post: What Gun Control? Obama is the Biggest Arms Dealer in the World 

by Christopher Blakeley

Obama Arms Dealer


    The United States has halted the delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, the country in which the Obama administration still can’t seem to decide whether or not there was a coup. For those of us concerned with Middle Eastern history, it's a nice sign that America is at least questioning how it goes about being the largest arms dealer in the world. But even as we rethink our involvement in Egypt, we're becoming increasingly entangled in Syria's civil war — and during all this time, we've seen a large push for domestic gun control here at home. Ironically, many in power who call for tightened domestic gun laws, such as Secretary of State John Kerry or Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), shamelessly support the arming of affiliates of radical Islamic groups in Syria. Guns and fighter jets only follow the orders of who is in power, but we constantly give away weapons and disregard our problematic historical precedent.

New Politics Post: Snowden Sacrifices His Future, But We're Busy Making Weiner Puns 

by Christopher Blakeley

    While Edward Snowden stays put in the Moscow Airport, his efforts to awaken Americans against the Leviathan security state we live in seem to stay there with him. We seem to be more enamored with the royal baby or Anthony Weiner’s latest sexcapades, while the Senate voted on a resolution to continue to inflate the cost of higher education. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), in typical fashion, bucked the House GOP leadership on NSA surveillance, championing an amendment to stop the unwarranted collection of citizens' data. The amendment was eventually defeated, 217-205, and Snowden’s nightmare is coming to fruition: No matter what Americans do or feel, thecongressional security complex will use bipartisanship to bolster the power of government at the expense of civil liberties.

New Politics Post: Glass Steagall Wouldn't Have Saved Us in 2008, and Won't Now

by Christopher Blakeley

    John “Maverick-LOL-JK” McCain and Elizabeth “Cherokee-Warrior” Warren have recently made apush to reinstate Glass-Steagall, which was the act that separated commercial and investment banking. The former law, passed in 1933 and repealed in 1999, was a response to the Great Depression, and to many, it seems obvious that the repeal of Glass-Steagall contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. If those greedy bankers hadn’t been able to raid commercial banks of all their savings, they wouldn’t have made such crazy bets!

    But did the repeal of the act really contribute to the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans were living under subprime mortgages?

New Culture Post: Food Trucks & Free Markets - Competition in Flux 

by Christina Locke

Free Markets and Food Trucks


    Like many American cities, DC has got a fever, and the only prescription is more food trucks! My recent trips to DC have been a great excuse to grab some of the good eats available on its streets. The flavors and offerings have ranged from experimental mojito tacos at Rito Loco to delicious vegetarian and carnivore and vegetarian friendly Ethiopian offerings at Lilypad on the Run.  DC’s Food Truck craze is so big that it’s bolstered up an actual food truck competition with its NYC challengers that will happen on August 3rd near Canal Park.  

New Politics Post: The Democratic Fairy Tale About Detroit

by Christopher Blakeley

Detroit Fantasy

    The past week, a couple of people in the media have thrown around the comedic notion that the Detroit bankruptcy is an example of the failures of Republican policy. There are many things to blame on Republicans, like No Child Left Behind, massive increases in foreign intervention defense spending; the failure Detroit to have any semblance of fiscal sanity is not one of them. 

    The story of Detroit is not a failure of Republicans or Democrats, but rather a failure of government. Detroit is what happens when there is large scale unionism, massive bureaucracy, and single party control of government for decades. The fairy nightmare of Detroit goes a little something like this

New Politics Post: Accomidating Special (Interest) Needs

by Christopher Blakeley

Suddenly Obamacare Meme

    For all this talk about caring for the little guy and the American people, the Obama administration sure makes it easy for Big Businesses to get by. The super-legal move comes at a time when a train called Obamacare, is achieving Chinese high-speed rail status and barreling towards oblivion. The Obama administration has decided to post-pone the employer mandate (among other provisions) due to implementation issues, yet leave the individual mandate tax in place.

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